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Sourcing and Supply Chain   Market Entry   Engineering
V Solutions will work with clients in developing a long term sustainable low cost country sourcing strategy to realize immediate cost savings.
We are passionate to help small and medium sized US and European companies successfully enter Asia…. on their first try.
Provide Engineering Outsourcing services in the areas of CAD Design, FEA Analysis, Electronics, Software engineering and others customized to the needs of our clients from our India engineering centre.
We are passionate about helping mid-sized U.S. and European companies successfully enter Asia including Japan, Korea, China and India… on their first try. V Solutions provides outstanding services including Sourcing and Supply Chain Management; Market Entry and Engineering Services to mid-sized U.S. and European companies.
V Solutions’ mission is to lead your business to success in Asia by providing total business solutions with unsurpassed professional support – all through mutual respect and trust.
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