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About us

We are passionate about helping mid-sized companies successfully enter Asia, including India, China, Japan and Korea on their first try. V Solutions provides outstanding services including Sourcing and Supply Chain Management, Market Entry, Business Development and Engineering services. The personal bonds we create with our clients is what truly makes us a valuable partner. V Solutions is built around working for the client, creating a customized, personalized solutions that fits their needs.

What Our Customers Say

  • bob
    By partnering with V Solutions we were able to implement our global initiative for 24 hour design and analysis support in an accelerated timeframe. As we have increased our global footprint it has been imperative that all regions interface well with our local team and act as a unified body as we provide support to our global customers. Reliable resources on the ground have helped support our global manufacturing growth with local customers and have eased the transition of global sourcing complexities. From the work performed by the design and analysis staff to the reliable resources on the ground supporting our sourcing and manufacturing projects the value, quality and integrity of this organization is apparent at every level.
    Bob Sutter
    VP – Global Engineering, Gill Industries, Inc. Grand Rapids, MI
  • victor
    V Solutions India Engineering Center has helped SCC increase throughput with its product development effort in a short time and lower the costs.  I am very satisfied with the quality of work and their ability to integrate with our team. The true testimony of their work is how fast they have scaled up their resources and advanced through the learning curve.
    Viktor Anderson, P.E
    V.P. of Operations and Engineering, Structural Concepts Corporation, Muskegon, MI